Pi Network (PI) Price Prediction For 2020-2025

First of all, I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency
developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 6 million members
worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link
https://minepi.com/bono123 and use my username (bono123)
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Cryptocurrency mining is a complex computing process that usually requires special equipment to be used. Powerful video cards are used for mining Ethereum while Bitcoin is mined with the help of ASICs which are even more expensive. The developers of Pi Network decided to make their cryptocurrency more accessible. Any owner of a smartphone can mine PI crypto.

While Pi Network is very popular among the users, the future of the PI cryptocurrency is not so clear. Even though Pi has not yet been listed on Changelly, we follow its work and try to talk about top-rated news. Furthermore, lots of young or experienced cryptocurrencies which you can easily swap are presented on Changelly.

PI Coin Fundamental Value

The main goal of the developers was to create a simple and convenient platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts that would not without the usual serious energy costs. This team has created a simple application that can both extract the new token and store it.

PI mining app was launched on March 14, 2019, and in June, the number of active users exceeded 100,000. Many users consider it to be highly convenient and intuitive mining tool the same way as Changelly app. Everything is explained so profoundly, but in an understandable form, so users do not have problems with it.

The main advantages of PI crypto are:

  1. Simplicity. A user who has never heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency before will be able to mine PI crypto money without a struggle. We have the step-by-step guide on how to mine PI cryptocurrency;
  2. Fair distribution. The number of coins mined does not depend on the capacity of the device;
  3. Extra earnings. Users who contribute to the development of the platform receive a reward.

Since Pi Network cryptocurrency allows for mining without contributing your computing power, this coin might be interesting to anyone willing to expand their crypto portfolio. The mining power and multiplying coefficients depend on the amount of referred users, among other things.https://www.youtube.com/embed/R6zfpjyEt00?feature=oembedWhat is Pi Network, and what’s with the HYPE? (Pi Cryptocurrency Review)

The mining speed for active referrals is calculated according to the formula:

X * 25% * (0.39Pi/Hr + 0.39), where X is the number of referrals

Thus, for 10 active referrals you will receive:

10 * 25% * (0.39Pi/Hr + 0.39) = 1.975 Pi/Hr (1.975 Pi coins per hour)

PI Coin Details

Project namePI network
Stock SymbolPI
Asset TypeToken
Network typeBlockchain
Launch date14 March 2019
Official Websitehttps://minepi.com/bono123 

Lastly, I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency
developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 6 million members
worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link
https://minepi.com/bono123 and use my username (bono123)
as your invitation code.


Have You Heard These Popular K-Pop Songs Of All Time?

Park Chan-yeol et al. Posing for the camera: Obsession by EXO/picture courtesy: PR

 © Provided by Mid-Day Obsession by EXO/picture courtesy: PR

Virally spreading from native South Korea to almost every corner of the globe, K-Pop has been the most trending genre of the past decade. Portraying stories around society through upbeat tracks while making a style statement with their bold attires & funky dance moves, K-Pop bands have risen to take global charts by storm while constantly breaking records across social media.무료야동

While the genre has been around for nearly 3 decades now, it gained momentum in the 20th century with the boom of social media. Ahead of Trip to K-Pop, a 3-day virtual festival streaming on 10th to 12th July 2020, 8 pm on Voot Select & Vh1 India in support of overcoming the challenges brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic, we take a look at 5 dynamic K-Pop tracks responsible for the rise of the Hallyu Wave across the globe.Gangam Style by Psy 

Psy jumping in the air: gangam-style

 © Provided by Mid-Day gangam-style

For five years, Gangnam Style by PSY held the top spot on YouTube, the first video ever to surpass a billion views on the platform. Billboard also acknowledged that the song gave momentum to a pop culture phenomenon that would go viral in the years to come. PSY’s signature dance move went on to be replicated by fans across the world with them wanting to witness more of such tracks from the genre. The popularity of this song remains the defining point for the rise of 일본야동 K-Pop.Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS 

Rap Monster et al. Posing for the camera: k-pop

 © Provided by Mid-Day k-pop

BTS has had a few hits since their debut in 2013 though their track “Blood Sweat & Tears” marked a turning point for the K-Pop boy band. The song’s beats made it one of the first major forays of a K-pop group into the tropical house genre that has since become pervasive in the K-pop of recent years. The track won the band numerous awards and became an instant online trend.DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink 

a person sitting on a stage: k-pop

 © Provided by Mid-Day k-pop

BlackPink took the world by storm when they released “Ddu-du Ddu-du” in 2018. The music video of the track still has the most views (over 1 billion!) for a K-pop group, and it was named among the best of the year on multiple lists worldwide. Fans were attracted to the flashy visuals, rich colours, and jaw-dropping fashion that matched the song’s fierce beats and unforgettable chorus.국산야동 Tinkerbell by April 

a group of people posing for a photo: k-pop

 © Provided by Mid-Day k-pop

The most lip-sync’d song of K-Pop, Tinkerbell by April is highly addictive from the very first time you hear it. The verses along with the chorus deliver a high tempo fiesta that makes fans want to get grooving and keep the track on repeat mode in their playlist. Tinkerbell has gone to become every teenage girl’s go-to dance song and the girl band April is here to slay.Obsession by EXO 

Park Chan-yeol et al. Posing for a photo: k-pop

 © Provided by Mid-Day k-pop

Exploring the dark side in their music, Obsession” is where they make being bad truly feel good. Playing on themes of confronting your demons, “Obsession” is a conversation between the band’s inner Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The powerful bass upholds the song while the lyrics are heartfelt and will hit you right in the feels. 중국야동 Obsession remains one of the boldest K-Pop songs to date.

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency
developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 6 million members
worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link
https://minepi.com/bono123 and use my username (bono123)
as your invitation code.


K-Pop Star Somi Signs With Interscope Records, Home Of Blackpink (EXCLUSIVE)

Subsequent to helping dispatch Blackpink’s new single into the YouTube record books, Interscope Records is extending its K-pop list with one of the scene’s quickest rising youthful stars, Somi.

Assortment can only share that Somi’s Korean organization The Black Label — an auxiliary name of YG Entertainment that is home to bunches like Blackpink, BigBang and iKon — has collaborated with Interscope in association for the vocalist. The 19-year-old will be spoken to by Interscope and Universal Music Group around the world, outside of Asia.

It’s presumably protected to state that Blackpink will greet Somi to Interscope wholeheartedly: The vocalists” routinely backing to each other’s ventures via web-based networking media: Somi presented the single spread on “How You Like That” upon its discharge to her 6.9 million Instagram adherents, while Blackpink part Lisa showed up on the “I Am Somi” webshow prior this year.

With a large portion of 10 years in the K-pop industry as of now, Somi (complete name Jeon Somi) initially rose to unmistakable quality after appearances on mainstream Korean TV singing rivalries. The Korean-Canadian star most eminently contended on the young lady bunch rivalry show “Produce 101,” where she completed in the lead position and appeared in the profoundly envisioned however transitory troupe I.O.I that delivered graph beating singles including the No. 1 hit “Incredibly” in 2016. Before breaking out all alone as a soloist, Somi showed up on coordinated effort singles, facilitated TV programs, acted in a Korean web dramatization and scored prominent underwriting bargains.

In 2019, Somi made her official introduction as a soloist with “Birthday” (beneath), the single delivered by Blackpink’s go-to maker Teddy that was additionally utilized in the trailer for Awkwafina’s Nora From Queens arrangement. Somi makes her melodic return this week with the hustling, boisterous track “What You Waiting For” on July 22.

“I’m eager to join the Interscope and Universal Music family,” Somi tells Variety in a selective articulation. “They have an incredible list of specialists I love and a long history of breaking acts. I’m anticipating the following stages in my vocation and can hardly wait to impart my music to the world!”

Sam Riback, EVP and Head of A&R at Interscope, includes, “Somi stands-apart with her one of a kind and common way to deal with popular music. She is ready to be the following global breakout craftsman and is one more incredible expansion to the blooming relationship we keep on working with Teddy Park, Black Label and the whole YG family.”

In the interim Black Label fellow benefactor Teddy, who composed and made “What You Waiting For” with Somi, says: “Somi is an extraordinary craftsman and we anticipate exhibiting her numerous gifts to the world along with Interscope and UMG. She is a worldwide star really taking shape and we accept that this association will take her profession higher than ever.”

Somi’s marking marks the most recent, bigger worldwide move for YG Entertainment. While previous YG craftsmen like Psy, Se7en and CL all meant to break the U.S. Market, Psy was the main craftsman to sign an undeniable record manage (with Republic Records, which has since finished) driving him to four graph passages on the Billboard Hot 100. Since marking with Interscope, Blackpink has gotten through in the U.S. With their own singles and as of late collaborated with labelmate Lady Gaga on the track “Sharp Candy” from her “Chromatica” collection.

Somi additionally denotes an uncommon independent K-pop act to strike an arrangement in the U.S. While a few kid groups (counting BTS, NCT 127, Monsta X, ATEEZ) and young lady gatherings (like Twice and (G)I-DLE) have collaborated with American accomplices, Somi is among the main soloists.

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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: The Flawed Logic Of Withdrawal From South Korea

The Trump administration announced it is considering withdrawing troops from South Korea because of Seoul’s failure to meet U.S. Funding demands in the Special Measures Agreement/burden sharing negotiations. The secretary of defense is being put in a tough spot because per the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act he must certify prior to any withdrawal that the reduction will not significantly undermine the security of U.S. Allies. In addition, the NDAA states proper consultation with allies (South Korea and Japan일본야동) must be conducted.

Although the size of the withdrawal is not specified, the Pentagon should consider the worst case of the total number because President Trump has expressed his desire to remove all troops over the years. He floated the idea of withdrawal from Korea and Japan during his campaign if the allies did not increase their funding levels for the U.S. Military. He made the statement that he wanted to bring home U.S. Troops “at some point” at his post summit press conference in Singapore in 2018. In 2019, he demanded some 400 percent increase in burden sharing from South Korea and the negotiations remain stalemated in the summer of 2020. 한국야동 The surprise announcement of the possible withdrawal of 9,500 U.S. Troops from Germany has recently again put removal of troops from Korea in the spotlight, though it will be more difficult for the president to unilaterally decide to withdraw troops due to congressional action.

The secretary is faced with two challenges if he wants to construct a rationale for withdrawal for any number of troops up to the 28,500 currently stationed there. First, he must describe the threat from North Korea in a way that minimizes it and shows that the withdrawal of U.S. Troops will not impact deterrence of a North Korean attack 국산야동 or the defense of South Korea. The secretary is also going to assess the impact on the U.S. Japan alliance. Complicating the strategic calculus is China. A significant reduction in U.S. Troops in the region may be interpreted as a loss of U.S. Strategic resolve and will likely invite further Chinese activity such as what occurred when Chinese and Russian aircraft penetrated the Korean Air Defense Identification Zone in the vicinity of the Korea-Japanese disputed islands of DokDo. This will complicate U.S. Efforts in the South China Sea and elsewhere to maintain a free and open INDOPACIFC.

Second, he must plan for the return and stationing of U.S. Troops in the continental U.S., Hawaii, Guam, or Alaska. This entails three major considerations. First is the level of effort, time, and expense required to move 28,500 troops, their dependents, and their equipment off the peninsula. A second issue centers on the decision whether to retain the force structure from Korea or deactivate all units and distribute their personnel and equipment within existing units in the United States. A final consideration is that if the force structure is retained, the military will have to construct most of the facilities to station these organizations within the U.S., all of which will be funded by U.S. Taxpayers.

Additional strategic issue is what North Korea would do (e.G., When would they attack?). Pyongyang is unlikely to attack during this drawdown because that 중국야동 would “trip the wire,” as U.S. Forces would be affected. The United States could probably deter an attack over the two to five years it would likely take to withdraw all forces, because the smartest thing for Kim to do would be to wait until the withdrawal is completed. It may seem counterintuitive, but if Kim thought there was a withdrawal date for U.S. Troops, he would “self deter” and not attack until the withdrawal was complete.

Instead of withdrawing troops, the administration and South Korea should suspend current negotiations and agree to sustain the current level of funding for the next two years. During that period, negotiators should update the Status of Forces Agreement to adjust the desired cost categories, agree to the funding level for incremental costs, and determine the proper funding period which up until 2019 had been five years.

The threat

North Korea is an existential threat to South Korea. It has a 1.2 million man active-duty military, making it the fourth largest in the world. Although equipped with outdated Russian-based equipment and employing modified Russian and communist military doctrine, its numerical advantage is 무료야동 formidable with some 70 percent of forces offensively postured between the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and Pyongyang. The artillery that is positioned just north of the DMZ can range most of the 25 million South Koreans in the greater Seoul metropolitan area. This threat is commonly described as the “tyranny of proximity,” which reduces the freedom of action of the ROK/U.S. Alliance due to the possibility of a massive artillery strike on the South Korean capital.Sign up for the Air Force Times Daily News Roundup

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To overcome the weaknesses posed by obsolete equipment as well as severe logistics shortfalls caused by poor economic conditions and international sanctions, the regime has developed a wide range of 서양야동 asymmetric capabilities. These include not only its nuclear and missile programs, but also chemical and biological weapons, advanced cyber operations, and one of the world’s largest special operations forces. In addition to its long-range missiles it has been developing new missile, cruise missile, and rocket systems that can reach the so-called “fat targets” of Camp Humphreys (which hosts the majority of U.S. Ground forces), Osan Air Base (the center of combined ROK and U.S. Air power), and Cheongju Air base (the ROK F-35 base). Pyongyang’s missile and rocket arsenal provides the North with attack options at the initiation of hostilities that could destroy U.S. Ground forces and attrit a key allied capability: air power.

U.S. Soldiers participate in a military tactical demonstration during a ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Eighth U.S. Army at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek on June 8, 2019. (Jung Yeon-je/AFP via Getty Images)

 U.S. Soldiers participate in a military tactical demonstration during a ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Eighth U.S. Army at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek on June 8, 2019. (Jung Yeon-je/AFP via Getty Images)

Despite its inferior capabilities in conventional forces and logistics, the North’s military mass and asymmetric strengths make it capable of causing death and destruction in the South on a scale unseen since the Korean War.

The North has developed its military capabilities to support its seven-decades-old strategy of subversion, coercion/extortion, and use of force to achieve unification under the domination of the Guerrilla Dynasty and gulag state to ensure survival of the Kim family regime. In short, the regime wants to unify the Korean Peninsula on its terms and eliminate the Republic of Korea.

While war is the most dangerous threat to the alliance and the region, there are other threats for which the ROK/U.S. Alliance prepares. The most significant is the potential for instability and regime collapse in the north. A collapse could lead to a range of contingencies that includes responding to a humanitarian disaster, recovery and security of the full range of Pyongyang’s weapons of mass destruction, dealing with large-scale refugee flows, resistance and a likely insurgency opposing occupying forces, and internal conflict and civil war. Since the conditions leading to regime collapse may also cause Kim Jong-Un to order the execution of his campaign plan to unify the peninsula by force to try to ensure his survival, the alliance may face a compound threat comprising two or more of the contingencies listed above. Instability and collapse will not be a benign event.

For 67 years, the U.S. And South Korea have deterred North Korea from attacking the South and resuming hostilities to achieve its objective of unification. 애니야동 In 1997, the highest ranking defector from North Korea, Hwang Jang-yop was asked why the north has not attacked despite its strategy and enormous investment in its military capabilities. He simply answered, the presence of U.S. Forces is the only thing deterring war on the Korean Peninsula.

Complex problems of withdrawal

A decision to withdraw any number of troops below the floor of 28,500 will require significant support from Congress in the form of authorization and appropriation. The question for the Pentagon, INDOPACOM, and USFK is whether they have completed contingency plans to withdraw troops.

A U.S. Troop withdrawal from the peninsula would take time and impose significant costs, running into the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. Transportation and logistics demands would be immense. Again, this would not be as simple as providing commercial airline tickets and sending people to Incheon Airport. The United States would likely spend months moving equipment within Korea to Pier 8 in the Port of Busan for shipping back to the States. The travel costs for moving all personnel and dependents would be sizable, even if a combination of military transport (which would not be enough), commercial air, and contracted charter were used. Then, there are base-mitigation costs for the environmental impact of 70 years of base operations. That is why there has not been an expeditious turnover of bases that have already been programmed for return.

Once the troops and their equipment return home, DoD will have to face the second question: Where will they go? This, too, is a complex issue. It will be further complicated by potential troop withdrawals from other locations such as Germany and Japan. The U.S. Military has 야애니 optimized the base structure in the continental United States (CONUS) over the past couple of decades through a process known as BRAC (base realignment and closure). If there is no place to put these 28,500 U.S. Troops currently stationed in South Korea, the military may have to inactivate the force structure that exists in Korea. This will reduce overall U.S military capabilities.

On the other hand, if there is a decision to retain the Korean force structure, there would need to be a rather large appropriation for military construction on bases throughout the United States. Facilities would have to be built to station these units (all facilities, from HQ and maintenance buildings to barracks). In addition to the effect on deterrence and the security of South Korea, the administration and Congress must assess if the cost of withdrawal provides any substantial benefit to military force posture and the United States.

Finally, it is the shared interests and shared values that underpin our linchpin alliance in northeast Asia. Removing U.S. Troops will undermine U.S. National security interests. We should recall the words of the recently passed Gen. Paik Sun-yup, a national hero of Korea and the ROK/U.S. 동양야동Alliance who fight side by side MacArthur and Ridgway and convinced President Eisenhower to rebuild the ROK Army during the war. In a 2006 interview General Paik insisted that “crisis-driven political-military decisions here will ultimately determine the balance of power throughout Asia, the most important region for the world’s economy. This peninsula is the pivot.”


Some K-Pop Stars’ TikTok China Accounts Blocked From View

SHANGHAI/SEOUL (Reuters) – Some K-pop stars’ accounts have been blocked from view on TikTok’s China version Douyin, Reuters’ checks showed on Friday, days after South Korea’s media regulator slapped fines on the short-video app for data privacy noncompliance.

The reasons for the blocks were unknown, but the move also comes after remarks by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the United States is “certainly looking at” banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok.

South Korea’s communications regulator on Wednesday fined TikTok Pte Ltd, the publisher of the app, 186 million won ($154,320) for collecting personal information of children under 14 years of age without consent from guardians and failing to disclose or notify when sending personal information overseas.

TikTok was required to submit voluntary preventative measures within 30 days, and the regulator planned to continue discussions with TikTok on information security issues, an official with the Korea Communications Commission said.

Accounts of K-Pop stars such as Rain, TWICE, Mamamoo and HyunA were blocked from view on Douyin as of Friday.

Douyin and TikTok operated independently and the accounts were working normally on TikTok, a TikTok spokeswoman said.

Representatives for Douyin did not immediately respond to a request for comment. TikTok and Douyin are both owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

The K-pop stars’ management agencies did not comment.

China accumulated 196.6 million downloads of Douyin as of the first quarter of 2020, or 9.7% of more than 2 billion TikTok downloads in total, according to data from industry site Sensor Tower.

K-Pop concerts, tourism and South Korean businesses were hit hard by a Chinese boycott in 2017 after Seoul deployed a U.S-made missile defence system despite Beijing’s objections.

Hopes of a thaw in relations grew earlier this year amid plans for a possible visit to Seoul by Chinese President Xi Jinping.


2AM’s Jo Kwon Opened Up About Wearing Heels As A K-Pop Idol

K-pop symbol Jo Kwon — who appeared in 2008 as section four-part bunch 2AM and has additionally since had an effective performance profession — is sharing how wearing high heels helped him gain recently discovered certainty as a craftsman.

Jo Kwon as of late showed up on SBS Plus’ show Are You Eating Well? what’s more, accepted the open door to share a contacting anecdote about his adolescence just as how he and his family defeated their hindrances. Per Soompi, in his meeting section, the performer described that, as a youngster, he discovered comfort and solace in music. He before long started trying out, inevitably discovering achievement in the music business and giving money related alleviation to his family, in any event, purchasing his folks a house. While portraying his story, Jo Kwon likewise talked about how his notable love for high heels became. “I just consider needing to live as who I am,” Jo Kwon shared about his backstory, “and something that wakes another persona within me is high heels.”

As indicated by Jo Kwon, it was renowned K-pop maker and record official Bang Si-Hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS and TXT, who helped him open his creativity when he talented him with a couple of high heels. “At some point, Bang Si-Hyuk asked me whether that is something the open needs to see from me or if it’s something that I truly need to do,” Jo Kwon reviewed, per Soompi’s interpretation. “I said that I need to would whatever I like to do, and he disclosed to me half a month later that he saw a couple of high heels that would look great on me.”

2AM was a joint endeavor between JYP Entertainment and Big Hit, so Jo Kwon worked with Bang Si-Hyuk until 2014, when the organization reached a conclusion. He didn’t uncover precisely when Bang PD talented him his first pair of heels yet he shared that, after he did, the way in to his self-articulation was opened. “I picked up certainty and poise that were as high as the heels were, and I felt like this is the reason I turned into an artist,” Jo Kwon said of the blessing.

From that point forward, Jo Kwon has gone separate ways with JYP and marked with Cube Entertainment however his adoration for heels has continued as before — and he has proceeded to flaunt his astonishing assortment both on and off the stage. As prove on his Instagram, he has performed move schedules and move rehearses in stilettos and even shook a shimmering red pair to advance his featuring job in the Korean form of the melodic Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, a tale about a little youngster with fantasies about turning into a charming drag sovereign.

In spite of the fact that we are more than used to seeing Jo Kwon act in heels at this point, the beginning behind what’s become apparently his preferred adornment is new and fans are moved by the sweet story and the insightful blessing. “So you’re revealing to me that Hitman Bang was the person who not just urged Jo Kwon to do what satisfied him, yet truly gave him his high heels so he could communicate how he needed to? State what you need about BigHit, yet Bang Sihyuk himself is astounding. I’m crying,” tweeted a fan. “This is quite sweet. I’m so happy JoKwon can wear what fulfills him, and that Bang Shi Hyuk/Bighit bolstered him and even talented him heels!!! It more likely than not been frightening from the outset since men wearing heels was strange, however JoKwon rocks them so well” composed another. “Blast Pd truly is a darling, he truly thinks about the specialists and needs them to be their most legitimate selves. Also, to me, having steady help when you’re finding urself [sic] is totally inestimable,” included another.